Hi, I'm ThadeusB.

I code stuff. I raise bees. I game.

This is a collection that will slowly turn into the family recipe book.

Recipe Index


Chicken Stew


Porky Chops

Oinky the Poinky Tastes Good

Tortilla Tamale Caserole

Delicious mexican caserole with lots of cheese

Chicken ST Mix

Quick spiced chicken bits.

Candied Salmon

A super sweet salmon

Veracruz Fish

A light, non-fishy, mildly spicy fish dish.

O-Rang-O-Tang Chicken

Spicey and bold chicken that acts like a monkey

Chicken Alfredo Pesto Pasta

Rich and creamy with a dash of healthy

Crockpot Poached Salmon

Such a yummy salmon flavor!


Baked Sweet Potato

A yummy and healthy potato

Strawberry Dumplings w/ Whipped Cream

Delicious dumplings with strawberry, very flavorful

Lemon Lime Juice

A healthy juice drink to quench the thirst!

Strawberry Mint Icecream Topping

A topping great for vanilla icecream. Healthy too!

Nuts Yo

Sweet nuts!