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A BetterBetterPythonConsole - GEdit Plugin

I am taking a python class this semester and have come to find that the BetterPythonConsole is a time saver. However it is quite annoying that it does not save your documents!

It got laughingly confusing when I would make a change to my source code, hit F5 and wonder why the change did not effect my code.

I added save functionality to BetterPythonConsole so that it can either save all open documents, all open python documents, or just the current document. Sweet, now it is a better BetterPythonConsole :)

The last thing I added is an option to use monospace as the console font instead of the default non-fixed-width font.

Additional Functionality:

  • Save documents when F5 is pressed

  • Easily set monospace as the font for the python console

Download: BetterBetterPythonConsole.tar.gz

It seems that the download is corrupted and it was the only version of the code that I had. Sorry!

Extract files to /usr/lib/gedit-2/plugins then enable the plugin and enjoy the automation!


[caption id="attachment_326" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="BetterBetterPythonConsole"][BetterBetterPythonConsole]4[/caption]

Original Author of BetterPythonConsole is Zeth Green


If anyone with more knowledge than I in the open source field can give me some tips on where I should go with this, meaning getting it out to the public besides on stumbleupon I would greatly appreciate it. I do not yet know the "proper" channels that this sort of thing should go through.