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Compiz Viewport Switcher Over Window

Yet again, another upgrade of Ubuntu reset my compiz settings. Due to some changes in the way the config file is handled the import was broken for me. This post kind of serves its place since google was no help in figuring a solution.

I was having the issue where using the mouse scroll wheel to switch viewports, however it would only work on the desktop but not when the mouse was over a window. IMHO it makes no sense to have to be at the desktop to switch to another viewport, if I already have access to desktop real-estate, then I probably don't need a new desktop!

I used the following settings to get compiz to behave the way I wanted. Set the “Move Left” and “Move Right” mouse events in the “Desktop Wall” plugin.


The problem is the settings in compiz are in several different places for “viewport” switching by mouse buttons. Move next and Move prev of desktop wall did not do anything. The “viewport switcher” plugin will only work when the mouse is over the desktop.