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Online Personal Finance Tools

These are the sites that I reviewed




I would have reviewed a few other websites, but with a little helpful research on google, these have been ruled out:

Wesabe, Money2Manage, Quicken Online (not free)


Great, love the idea of getting your information directly in your mailbox.

Signing up for an account was easy, and a great search for banks.... except they did not have my bank.

Rudder is ruled out as useless and I cannot continue with it. Although sounds like a great concept, not

having my bank (which is quite large in southern texas) is a bummer.


The site looks great, signup was extremely easy. All around I love the interface for Mint, its simple, and gives all the information I'm looking for. Adding my bank was super easy. The graphs and statistical information that mint fills in for you are awesome. All tags were correct and it found all of my transactions.

However Mint did not locate the line of credit I have with my bank. Not to big of a deal since it is a backup account. Although dis-appointing.

mint will log you out after a certain amount of inactivity, could be useful, however, I multi task a lot when on the computer and by the time i remember that i was going to look at my accounts, mint has logged me out again.Mint has suggestions on how to save based on transaction history and credit ratings. It can also track stock (if you have any)! Seems cool.


I hate the interface. Its clunky, like the myspace of finance tools. Registration took a little longer and requires more information. The website does funny things on Firefox in Linux. Different elements on the page will jump, and it is quite annoying, clicking a jumping link can be frustrating first thing in the morning!

Adding an account is a bit more difficult than with Mint, however it seems that geezeo has much more information about more banks. Geezeo did find my line of credit! But geezeo has not found any of my bank transactions, even after 24 hours it says there are no transactions for that account.

Geezeo allows you to set budgets, so if it works for you that is cool

The End All:

Since Rudder doesnt work, and Geezeo wont find any transactions, I'm stuckwith Mint

That's not a bad thing though because just from the features I would havepicked Mint as the winner anyways.

Mints interface is simple, yet tells you everything and more.

Mint graphs your transactions and your trends. exactly what I was looking for.

Mint has suggestions on how to save money based on your transaction history.

Mint also automagically reminds you when bills are comming due!