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Eclipse is slow (laggy) on linux

After starting off with a fresh Ubuntu 8.10 install, being a programmer my first priority is to get Eclipse up and running on my system.

Ever since Eclipse 3.2 it has been extremely laggy on linux. On Windows Eclipse runs and loads fine, but when I am on linux, it will take a minute to load up (huh?) and will lag even when scrolling in the code window.

My system was built for gaming, and there is no reason it should be doing that.

I came across a different way of executing eclipse, that loads in 5 seconds flat, and there is no lag. I also have been using it for 3 days months now and have not seen anything out of the ordinary.

The eclipse launcher resides at


yet the actual executable for eclipse is at


If you just bypass the wrapper script in /bin/eclipse and execute the binary, you will have increased speed for eclipse. The wrapper script in /bin seems to add some extra plugins in the Eclipse path that could be the cause of a laggy Eclipse in linux.

Like I said, I have not run into any problems running eclipse this way, and all of my plugins still work.

If you run into anything, let me know. For me It just does not make since they would have a seemingly unneeded script that makes Eclipse lag. So they had to put it in there for a reason.

Enjoy having Eclipse at full speed ahead!