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Artificial Neural Networks - Day 1

Day One of learning how a feed forward/back propagation artificial neural network actually works, and even better how to actually program one.

There is a lot of documentation online about this field, and even some source code. I figured my first shot would be to take some already written code, re-write it verbatim, and go from there. Well its not working. I am not quite sure if it is something I have done wrong or if it is the actual code that I am looking at that is incorrect.

I have bookmarked 10 different sites that provide a walk through on how to program a artificial neural network, and each one of them seems to have different math involved behind the process. I'm guessing either there is more than one way to skin a cat, or some of these websites have it wrong.

Along with not quite understanding why it is not working, I am debating what programming language to actually code it in as well. I would love to go with C++ for speed and the fact it is cross-platform. I would program in Java, but compared to C# it is not as fast. Visual Basic would be a good choice because I can at least get it written, and still have some pointer power! I would go with python, but I would rather not be going with an interpreted language for a neural network.

In the mean time, while I decide on a language to code in, I ordered another reference text on artificial intelligence.