Hi, I'm ThadeusB.

I code stuff. I raise bees. I game.


EZ Bill Tracker (ezbilltracker.com) is a FREE simple web based tool designed to help track and manage monthly bills and recurring expenses. It is currently in public BETA, however I have been using it for the last several months, it has become my #1 tool for managing monthly bills.



  • Don't miss payments again
  • Understanding and projecting your cash flow
  • Custom E-Mail alerts
  • Subscribe to bills via iCalendar or RSS
  • Access from anywhere
  • Save notes with every bill, such as confirmation #, %APR, etc.


When I was in college I managed my finances with complicated spread sheets that I developed. This quickly got out of hand as an adult in the real world. Since most bill collectors are pushing “E-Statements” down their customers throats, not to mention some E-Statements either got placed into the spam folder, or they force the user to log into their website to view it.

I needed a way to remind myself of what bills I needed to pay, and to remind myself of every auto-draft bills that happen every month such as my Netflix service, Sirius XM, Slicehost.

I looked at MyBillQ, Yodlee Money Center, Mint, BillMinder, YouNeedABudget, PocketSmith, and a few others. None of these solutions cut it for me (PocketSmith was the closest, yet overkill). I needed something simple, yet smart. Something that did not need to look financial ledgers to be smart. Mainly I needed something tailored to the way I thought bill management should be.


  • Python / Flask
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache