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Artificial Neural Network (VB.NET)

A artificial neural network using a Feed-forward network with Back- Propagation training. Written in Visual Basic .NET

You can find a tutorial on ANN here.

Check out a much more robust implementation in C#.

Neural Network Test Form

More About It:

I love artificial intelligence. Making computers more human like is where I am going to focus most of my attention. This was my first steps delving into current strategies for machine learning. The form features a simple test of the neural network by using a 3 x 3 grid representing a letter of the alphabet. It may not seem like much but this code is not far from use for OCR.

Technical Aspects:

  • Object Oriented Framework
  • XML and Binary serialization to save the neural network

Where can I Run It?

Download Installer: Artificial Neural Network VB.NET

The installer will automatically install Microsoft .NET Framework necessary to run this program

Remove the program through Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs.

Where is the source code?

Mercurial Checkout URL: http://hg.thadeusb.com/AI/VBNeuralNetwork