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Setup WeMo switch on a Google Project Fi phone

Recently I got a WeMo smart switch to interface with my Amazon Alexa Echo Dot.

Setting up a WeMo smart switch has issues when performing the installation from a Google Project Fi android device.

The issue comes in that the Project Fi phones want to be smart and always switch to the best available network connection automatically. So when the WeMo switch requires you to connect directly to its local Wi-Fi network, the phone detects there is rightly no internet connection and switches to a better known network or reverts back to cellular data.

To get around these smarts requires temporarily disabling two features in the android device settings.

  1. Disable Wi-Fi assistant.

    1. Go to the android settings page.
    2. Click on Wi-Fi.
    3. Then click on the gear at the top right corner for Wi-Fi settings.
    4. Then uncheck the option that says Use open Wi-Fi automatically.

    Configure Wi-Fi Settings

  2. Disable cellular data.

    1. Go to the android settings page.
    2. Click on Data usage.
    3. Then uncheck the option that says Cellular data.

    Cellular Data

  3. Proceed with WeMo setup as per the WeMo provided instructions.

  4. Once the WeMo device has been configured, go back and re-enable the Wi-Fi assistant and the Cellular Data.