Hi, I'm ThadeusB.

I code, I play, I love, I innovate

Web2py Utilities

I have decided to share some of the libraries that I have found useful when creating web2py apps. The contains lots of goodies, and some nice shortcuts.

  • Common shortcuts
  • Widgets
  • py2jquery module
  • Heirarchical category module.
  • Database store configuration settings
  • Class based menu builder
  • syntax highlighting
  • Output compression
  • Pagination
  • Stop words lists
  • Levenstien algorithm
  • NGram algorithm
  • New SQLHTML widgets (able to pass class attributes to them)
  • Convert wordpress xml export into a python dict!
  • Comments, tagging, and pingback/trackback plugins!

And more!

The whole library is designed to be installed like any other python package using setuptools. For basic usage you can just import the package normally.

However, the plugins are there for convenience, and so that I can keep them all in the same place, but you will need to copy them to your app to actually use them.

Read the documentation here


And the source code is located here


I am open to ideas/suggestions, and if you want to contribute let me know!