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web2py_utils (Python)

After using web2py for quite a while I have an eclectic mix of utilities that I seem to be using for almost every web2py app I develop now!

I needed both a way to organize the same code across multiple web2py apps and I also wanted to share this code with the world!

Lots of Goodies!

Make sure to look at the source. You may find limited documentation here.

  • Common shortcuts
  • py2jquery module
  • Heirarchical category module.
  • Database store configuration settings
  • Class based menu builder
  • syntax highlighting
  • Output compression
  • Pagination
  • Stop words lists
  • Levenstien algorithm
  • NGram algorithm
  • New SQLHTML widgets (able to pass class attributes to them)
  • Convert wordpress xml export into a python dict!
  • Comments, tagging, and pingback/trackback plugins!
  • Unittesting, code coverage.



Install web2py_utils from the PyPi http://pypi.python.org/pypi

$: easy_install web2py_utils
# OR
$: pip install web2py_utils


Do a checkout of the source code

$: hg clone http://hg.thadeusb.com/Web/web2py_utils

And then you can install by using setuptools

$: cd web2py_utils
$: python setup.py develop


develop will make symlinks that you can continue to work off the repositorywhereas install makes a copy.


Once web2py_utils is installed into the path, you should import it just like any other python module.:

import web2py_utils

From this point, you need to import everything you want explicitly. A few objects are included in the web2py_utils namespace for convenience, however most of the heavy lifters will be imported manual.

For example, to import the pagination library:

from web2py_utils.paginate import Pagination

The Actual Documentation

Please navigate to http://packages.python.org/web2py_utils/.