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Playlist Grepper (Python)

Type, Search, Enjoy!

A simple play list maker. Type, Search, and Enjoy!

Current Version: Alpha 2 - Taking comments and suggestions.


I wanted something that I could search "artist blue group" and it would return 'blue man group' and 'blue oyster cult' and other authors with blue in there name, and immediately append their songs to a playlist. No waiting required. No clicks required.

The life of this application comes from the fact that there are no other programs out there that can make good playlists fast and easy. You basically have two options, use a media library (such as amarok, windows media player, etc.) to handle all of your music files. This is great until you want to make a custom playlist by title/artist/album/genre. It will work, but it is slow, since these applications access music information from a database stored on the local computer, searching large amounts of song data from the hard drive is slow at best, and the searches don't return a broad enough spectrum from the search term.  The only other option is drag and drop songs onto a media player and save the now playing list as a playlist. However looking through 8000 + songs can be quite a hassle.


[![Playlist Grepper Alpha 2][1]][2]

Where can I get it?

Download Installer: Playlist Grepper Alpha 2 Installer

Where is the source code?

Mercurial repository.  Contact me by email if you would like to contribute. (and get your name on this page!)

  • You will need python-wxgtk2.8 for this *

hg clone http://hg.thadeusb.com/Audio/PlaylistGrepper/

[1]: /static/content/projects/Screenshot-Playlist Grepper.png[2]: /static/content/projects/Screenshot-Playlist Grepper.png