Hi, I'm ThadeusB.

I code stuff. I raise bees. I game.

Miscellaneous Projects

A Quick gallery builder in Python. Generates thumbnails of pictures in sub folders called albums. A live example running on my wife's plushie gallery stuffyanimal.com. I also have a small admin section written in flask that implements HTML5 file drag and drop to upload images to the server and rebuild the static assets by calling PyQuickGallery.
jQuery Rating widget
A custom jquery rating plugin that was created for easy ajax, multiple widgetstiple widgets on screen, and integration with flask or web2py
Python To jQuery
This is a set of classes and functions for managing client events and resource and resources from a python server using jQuery
Mouse Follow
Random creepies follow mouse as a screensaver like application
The anti game of life game.
Linux Scripts
Odd and ends scripts for linux.
Super Simple FTP
Connects to a remote FTP server and downloads all files located in a folder.
Minesweeper in java swing
Game of Life
The game of life, in java
Brick Bash
A brick colliding game.
A 3 number puzzle. The goal is to get all three numbers in a row.
An odd calculator to go along with my mathematics classes
A paint project that never got really far

My public repositories for the brave of heart.

Mercurial Repsoitories (hg.thadeusb.com)

Github Repositories (github.com/thadeusb)