Hi, I'm ThadeusB.

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Contains lots of goodies for use with flask and web development. This is similar to web2py_utils but for Flask.

Since this project provides lots of useful utilities and a common practice for building web applications with flask, it is named "flagon". The definition from wikipedia:

A flagon is a large leather, metal or ceramic pitcher often used for drink, whether this be water, ale, or something else.

Since it adds lots of common use glue code to flask, making it much easier to start new flask projects quickly.

It makes some basic assumptions for a flask project, such as using SQLAlchemy for a database layer, WTForms for the forms.

  • Extra common jinja2 filters
  • Email on application exception logging
  • stopwords list for potential spam text search
  • RBAC models & authentication functions
  • New view & url mapping decorator
  • Common configuration models
  • Database validators for WTForms (IS_IN_DB, IS_NOT_IN_DB, CHOICES_FROM_DB)
  • MUCH better ModelForms
  • Extra WTForms widgets