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Artificial Neural Network (C#.NET)

A artificial neural network using a Feed-forward network with Back- Propagation training. Including a data file creator.

You can find a tutorial on ANN here.

Data File Generator for NN

More About It:

This is the same as VBNeuralNetwork yet it is implemented in C# and is more extensive. Taking advantage of serialization there are two parts of the network. The actual network, and then training data. In the picture above you see sample training data for the XOR problem. The C# version of the ANN is much cleaner, more concise, and more efficient. It was time consuming to hard code training data into a program, so I wrote the training data creator.

Technical Aspects:

  • Object Oriented Framework
  • XML and Binary serialization to save the neural network
  • Able to train a NN from a training data file

Where can I Run It?

Download Installer: Artificial Nerual Network CS.NET

The installer will automatically install Microsoft .NET Framework necessary to run this program

Remove the program through Control Panel - Add / Remove Programs.

Where is the source code?

Mercurial Checkout URL: http://hg.thadeusb.com/AI/NeuralNetwork/

You will also need to checkout my library project and include it as a reference. This includes important things such as serializing a class into XML / Binary and reading/writting to a file.